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Digital Marketing

 . . . how we help you improve your performance

Marketing and Technology are essential bedfellows for delivering organic growth. However, harnessing the disparate technologies in an appropriate way is key to increasing revenue and driving an effective return on investment (ROI). We provide a range of digital marketing services to help achieve profitable growth.

Marketers should be aiming to make it easy for people to engage with you, buy from you, interact with you and of course give you feedback. In other words, focus on your end-users and their desired outcomes.

Our aim is to help you do that in one of three ways:

Outsourced Marketing

This is an ideal solution when you want to outsource all of your digital marketing needs. Specifically, we provide external marketing support for you – starting perhaps with small projects/campaigns through to fully outsourced marketing operations.

This may be the start of your digital transformation, with regards to marketing, but it can also provide you with the following benefits:

  • Help you to scale up your digital marketing capabilites
  • Save on the cost of traditional marketing for your business
  • Free up  internal resources to focus on your core competencies
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by achieving more – in less time
  • Accelerate the business benefits from your marketing investment
Outsourced marketing services from Tappit
Working together with your internal team to achieve continuous and sustainable growth

Marketing Support

Sometimes it seems like you have all the basics covered, but you don’t seem to be making headway or seeing positive returns from your marketing investment.

We work with your existing teams, helping you stay up-to-date with current marketing technologies and skillsets. For instance. leveraging proven digital marketing strategies and providing  marketing support where needed, we can help you increase effect ROI.

It may be for a quick campaign, to cover holidays or because of resource limitations. It might even be a new programme to source and implement some strategic marketing technology. Here is where it can help:

  • Provide you with additional resource when needed
  • Removes risk when investing in new marketing initiatives
  • Provide access to skills and technologies that you may not yet have in-house
  • Provides seasonal flexibility to quickly increase or decrease your marketing spend

Marketing training

Companies have reacted to changes in today’s digital world at varying speeds. As a result of rapid development of technologies alone, the roles and skills required to perform effective marketing have changed quite dramatically.

The challenge we face today is that marketing is more complex than ever before yet it is a fundamental function for every business, in order to remain competitive. Our training can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Help with creating new, effective strategies benefiting from our pragmatic experience
  • Avoid getting left twiddling your thumbs when implementing new marketing technology
  • Improve your performance with updated marketing trends, processes and strategies
  • Learn from marketing professionals, filling any gaps in areas where you may lack expertise
  • Help enliven existing marketing efforts with fresh insight and new ideas.
Training your team and providing the knowledge and skills to achieve improved perfromance with your digital marketing

Note: In the longer term, the best marketer needs to be in-house, living and breathing your company’s value proposition. We fully appreciate and amplify that!

Creating and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy supports digital transformation and company growth.

Typical Projects for Outsourced Marketing

Is marketing one of your company’s core competencies? It is ours – and we have been digital since, well a long while ago. In fact since the mid 1990’s. We work as an extension of your company, from marketing strategy through to the development and execution of digital campaigns.

For some clients, we collaborate with their in-house marketing team. For others, we are the marketing arm of their company — a virtual Marketing Director / CMO or just an external marketing team.

Here are some of areas where we can add value:


Marketing Strategy Audit

A fresh set of eyes to look at the feasibility of your current business vision, including your desired goals.

During the strategy audit, we can help you determine how well your marketing strategy aligns with your overall business objectives. We start by understanding your desired audience and Ideal Customer Profiles.

Marketing Plan Audit

How well are your marketing channels performing and helping you achieve your marketing goals?

We often find that the marketing team is thought of as “the colouring-in department” and as such, minimal investment in marketing has meant that it was always destined to be lack-lustre at best.

Analytics and Insights

Do you ever get the feeling that “simple tools” like Google Analytics, etc were built for analysts? It is far too easy to spend time wading through reports yet ending up with just more and more data.

What marketers and business leaders actually need are insights, so that they can make smart decisions. We believe your website analytics should help drive growth – we help you gain insights, to do just that.

Product / Market Fit

Product-market fit occurs when there is an alignment of your value proposition, with your target customer’s needs. If you do this in a way that other companies do not, then you’re in a great competitive position!

Too often, as companies grow they try to address too wide an audience and end up being just the same as, if not indistinguishable from, their competitors. We help you identify your competitive strengths and capitalise on market opportunities.

SEO and Website Optimisation

The first priority is to make sure that your website is configured to maximise the impact of SEO. Organic search probably accounts for a significant percentage of traffic to your website, so SEO set-up is a key factor.

In addition to optimising for search engine traffic, it’s important to understand customer journeys. Why is it that website visitors might not be converting and much more importantly, what can be done to improve conversion rates? After all, for most companies, turning visitors into customers is a top priority.


Demand Generation

Demand Generation is the process of creating awareness and getting people interested in your products or services.

Demand gen involves multiple marketing approaches to reach customers at various touch points throughout the buying journey. By creating relevant content and messaging, the aim is to build a relationship with potential customers over time.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of qualifying people that you’ve attracted and helping them through their buying process. It’s more tactical, usually campaign driven, aiming to identify prospects’ contact details.

As you would imagine, the best tactics involve an integration and alignment between your demand gen and lead gen efforts. Stating the obvious maybe? Yet, so often we see them working against each other – for many reasons..

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is best described as a suite of digital marketing tools that helps automate a number of marketing and sales tasks – in a single integrated software platform.

Marketing automation is one of the most effective tools that you can implement to grow your business.

When used with a solid marketing strategy, it will help you engage with your ideal audience and align your marketing and sales efforts for improved results.

If you would like to discuss ways in which we can help you improve your digital marketing and business performance – we’d love to help!