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We help companies to improve their online performance

What We Do

We help companies and Brands create, implement and run effective digital marketing strategies.

Rather than just concentrating on demand generation, we work with our clients to drive continuous and profitable growth. We think about the long-run not just the next project.


We augment, help and support marketing teams to move their digital marketing strategies forward.

We work with different sized companies across a wide variety of industries – mostly with those that have a real desire to consistently improve their online ROI.


There is no magic bullet – but we have many years of practical marketing experience and we know the technology landscape.

By understanding your needs, we’re able to help you adopt pragmatic growth strategies using the appropriate blend of data, marketing technology and people.

Online Success

It’s a Tough Game

A compelling, effective, and cost-efficient marketing strategy is the cornerstone for growth. But with the relentless pace of technology, it sometimes seems hard to see the wood for the trees.

Brands need to make an emotional connection with their audience. Marketing requires technology to compete effectively – there’s simply no way around it. To reach customers today, marketers have to create and maintain an online presence. A clear digital marketing strategy helps attract and retains buyers.

If you already have a digital marketing team, we know the day-to-day challenges you face. Digital marketing offers new and exciting opportunities for your business, but keeping up with the speed of technological change isn’t easy. We help your team by bolting on expertise where you need it most. Not only do we take things off your plate, you can focus on what’s most important and leave the rest to us. Sometimes, it just needs a fresh perspective – and we’re here to help.


The elusive Visitors that Don't Convert


AVERAGE Conversion Rate

Sometimes, a customer’s journey can seem more like a trek in the mountains – we’re here to help guide you.


What We Do Best

Digital Marketing Strategy

We work with you to really understand your desired business objectives, market environment and existing capabilities. We then help to define a marketing strategy that supports your revenue goals, and is measurable, achievable and scalable.


Analytics and Data

A solid understanding of how users are interacting with your website and also engaging with all of your marketing communications is imperative. Our aim is to make sure that your analytics set up provides insights rather than just data.



We help to ensure that paid, earned and owned media channels work together effectively, to provide the best website usability and brand consistency. We believe that this is the bedrock of good customer experience and brand loyalty.


Audience and Community

It’s worth spending time to get a solid understanding of who your current customers are and determining if this matches your defined target audiences. This will help ensure that your strategy is aligned with your campaigns/messaging.


Content Strategy

Understanding the consumer and developing a tailored digital marketing content strategy that addresses all of the major touch points of your customer experience is critical to your business, particularly if you are seeking growth.


Marketing Technology

Marketing technology presents brands with an overwhelming amount of options to deliver great customer experiences. We help you select and implement the right technology – and we help your team to use it to provide profitable growth.

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Tappit can Really help you move your marketing strategy forward.

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