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Digital Marketing

 . . . helping our clients deliver scalable growth

Marketing  has changed dramatically since the “golden age of advertising” – that’s a given. Everyone’s lives have been so affected by “digital”, and the pendulum has very obviously swung in favour of the consumer.

With such a relentless pace of change it makes it easy to forget that the need for marketing hasn’t changed. With so much competition the question we hear most is “how can we improve our digital marketing performance?” 

The basic task of marketing is to inform your chosen audience about what it is you provide, how it helps them and what it costs. That just about sums it up, surely? However, marketing is now almost impossible to do well without the use of technology in some way, shape or form. Our range of digital marketing services is aimed at helping you achieve effective growth.

Implementing the right technology though seems to cause a huge headache. Yet, marketing technology, as an enabler, creates a fantastic opportunity for any company to provide their customers with an outstanding customer experience. Using marketing tools effectively can really help you shape, streamline and improve customer experience.

What We Do Best

Digital Marketing Strategy

We work with you to really understand your desired business objectives, market environment and existing capabilities.

We then help to define a marketing strategy that supports your revenue goals. We focus on it being measurable, achievable and scalable.

Analytics and Data

A solid understanding of how users are interacting with your website and also engaging with all of your marketing communications is imperative.

Our aim is to make sure that your analytics set-up provides insights rather than just data.

Audience and Community

It’s worth spending time to get a solid understanding of who your current customers are and determining if this matches your ideal customer profile..

Helping to ensure that your strategy  aligns with your campaigns / messaging delivers relevancy to your audience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the most effective tools that you can use to grow your business. It allows you to effectively communicate with both customers and new prospects, via multiple channels, by helping you to automate repetitive tasks.

Content Strategy

Understanding the consumer and developing a tailored digital marketing content strategy is important for your business. We help to address all of the major touch points of your customer’s experience, to enable continuous growth.

Marketing Technology

Marketing technology presents brands with an overwhelming number of options to deliver great customer experiences. We help you select and implement the right technology – and we help your team use it well, to provide profitable growth.

Helping You to Attract New Customers

Every company likes needs to have new customers. Without new customers you will have to rely upon your existing ones spending more – and that’s not always a sustainable strategy! There are many ways to generate interest in your products or services. However, demand generation categories can usually be described as either:

A variety of demand generation tactics

Paid media

Display advertising and PPC (commonly known as “paid search”).

Owned media

Content on your website and blog, plus any content you distribute on your social media channels. Owned media is primarily driven by your content marketing strategy which is the cornerstone of inbound marketing.

Don’t forget though – a successful content marketing strategy goes hand-in-hand with an effective SEO strategy.

Earned media

All the content and conversations created by someone else, which you generally have no control of. However, this is largely a result of your efforts in paid and owned. It consists of Word of Mouth, press coverage, social media mentions, shares and retweets, together with product or company reviews.

How we work

Marketing works best when you combine data, creativity and strategy. It’s true to say that data fuels marketing. All of the marketing technology in the world is meaningless without accurate, actionable data. It’s what helps you make decisions. At the same time, measuring everything can lead to paralysis.

So, to help you deliver consistent growth it’s important for us to understand your objectives, audience and marketplace rather than just trying to apply a boiler-plate strategy. Sometimes, as part of gaining that knowledge we might use specific data to challenge and explore assumptions, which usually uncovers hidden insights.

Our aim is to help you to make it simple and painfree for people to discover your products and services, learn about the suitability of them, and then to take the steps needed to become your customer. Whatever the combination of Paid, Owned or Earned media works best for you, we help to optimise your strategy and implement effective tactics for continuous, profitable and stable growth.

We’d like you to think of us as your climbing partner, working together to scale great heights.